Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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  1. I love to see what you see too. And aren't these birds amazing? Yes, isn't it funny - grabbing the camera to go with you everywhere. You never know what interests you will find to blog about! And I know that little girl went over to see what you were looking at - now she's interested too.

  2. April,dear friend, you got me many things!

  3. Such a noble bird. I can tell it is getting colder up north as the amount of birds arriving is increasing. Last winter I had a pair of Herons roosting in my backyard at night. They would leave early in the morning for the pond by my house. I haven't seen them yet this fall, but your pictures reminded me to keep a look out for them. They are so silent when they fly.
    p.s thanks for the doctor comment you made me smile.


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