Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do you remember these?

When I was growing up, centuries ago, it wasn't unusual for women to have these embroidered towels in their kitchens. And on the bedroom dresser there was an embroidered scarf, usually of flowers or pretty girls with big hats. These were their crafts....  
The day of the week was embroidered on the towel connected to an activity.
Monday/wash  Tuesday/iron, Wednesday/mend, Thursday/shop, Friday/bake,
Saturday/I'm missing that one...what do you think they did on Saturday...maybe visit?...
To have your days laid out like that! Can you imagine?
I am so glad I have more choices then that for my days. If we could put our days and activities on towels now..what would they say?  Hmmm?
Sunday/still a day of rest
What would your towels say?


  1. Ooh, so glad you posted these. I have fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table with my mom while she watched her spanish soap operas and embroidered these. Sometimes she would have me sketch flowers onto blank cloth and she'd do those. Hmmm...wonder if she still has those.

  2. Absolutely love your "list"! What would the towels say? Our grandmothers would love it. I know mine would. And Elena - you need to find those cloths with the flowers!


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