Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Foot In Front of the Other

I've been quiet for awhile. New path. I love paths, but I've said that before, haven't I?

The open mic the other night was a big disappointment. The featured author wasn't funny as expected, but rather a bit of a downer,dredging up all the crap of her life and forming it into poetry. That's not bad,mind you, but the room (by that I mean audience), was dead, dead, dead. Poor thing, she had very few to bounce off of. The lot of them were college students enticed to come to the open mic for extra credit. When you see them texting each other across the's a deal breaker. I got a few laughs with my stories, no minor feat, I may add. But I ,too ,felt the deadness in the room. Dreadful thing. Oh well, it goes with the territory.

I do have a plot for my ghost story, but that's not my new path. I'm going to write a... book. I can't believe I'm going to do this. Such a risk. But like a friend of mine said...the universe is sending you a message, if you don't do it, it will go to someone else. And I can't have that.
All we creatives know that it happens in solitude. I have been writing it for quite awhile in my time to hit the page. Writing is draining, literally... draining out of you. This will mean a withdrawal from many things that I love. I attempted to write a novel once... it's still unfinished in my computer. How will this be any different? I just know it will be. Am I fearful? No. Do I think I can do it? Yes. What form will it take? Not sure.
Winter is a time for a coming inside. I think it has arrived early.
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  1. Oh Sue! How exciting! I can feel your enthusiasm about this. And how wonderful to be able to concentrate on one thing.

  2. one thing? I'm scared


  3. Sounds like a nice, long winter hibernation is just what you need!!
    How exciting to be writing a book!! I can't even imagine undertaking that. As much as I have always liked to read, writing more than a short children's book seems impossible to me!! But you are such a good writer! I know you can do it!! By the way, sometimes I really wish I'd get snowed in for about a month. I need to have all temptation to go places taken away so I can just stay home and work on being creative!!

  4. I was just pondering what you said about being at that open mic! It's a risk to be in a public arena and share your heart. Not everyone is going to connect to our voices, but still, there's always someone we may touch so in the long run worth it.Perhaps you made someone laugh and they forgot their troubles!
    Hope you post snippets of your story here or the whole thing. When that creative gem is ready to be born, we can't push it back inside.

  5. Bev, thanks. I never feel it a wste reading at an open mic..even when it is a bad or pitiful audience..
    It helps to hear your own hear the clunkers..especially in poetry..If your words stop probably stops the reader too. And when it's magic and you connect to the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like it


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