Monday, October 12, 2009

Writing Room Dolls of Creativity

I had so much fun making these creativity dolls about 5 years ago in an AW group. Finding just the right darkness and ugliness for the "killer of creativity" took some looking around junk drawers, and I must say a bit of creatvity to create her. I could have made a hundred sayings to tangle in her hair,but I got the picture.
The "Gatherer of Creativity" took a little more time in finding just the right totems to decorate her with...dream catcher,bells,amethyst, crystals, leaves,twigs,a basket for friendship,a heart,a labrodite stone and of course, a lovely moon face all wrapped up in a silky golden robe. She has open arms and gathers.
When I made these dolls I really needed them.  Naming the bad and embracing the good was healing. Now I look at them and smile. They are side by side in my writing room.
 I love them both.


  1. Hello, friend. I am sorry it has taken me so long to stop by and meet you. Life is just that way sometimes. Hurry-hurry-scurry-scurry. Anyway. That's not interesting. What I really wanted was to say hello and thanks for your kind comment. I hope I'll see you again.

  2. Really like these. But I think the One who Stops is really cute! Where did you take the AW class?

    By the way, awesome shoes, and YOU will never be too old.

  3. Tell my feet that!
    I took it at a new age shop..and when it closed we did it every week in our homes...awesome
    my dolls were the cutest...hey! if I don't claim it what good is it anyway

  4. Love these!! I think I remember the one who Stops---did you bring it to AW at the Center once? I had a blast making one a few yrs. ago. "Stops" looks just like I feel inside lately!! A messy jumble!!!

  5. These creativity dolls are very profound. I took class at Center (AW and several other groups) and made a doll that represented who I was. That was easy and fun. That task you did with the two dolls, I never even made the "killer of creativity" doll. I guess I was too afraid to even confront it at the time. I still had a kinship to it, kept it hidden for "my eyes" only.

    I love that you love them both!That's got to feel good to you. That they are in your writing room, side by side. Are your high heels in that room too? (hee, hee)!

  6. Yes Robin, those are the dolls you saw at Linda's class. They were so much fun to funny it was to be engaged in creative behavior while making a creative stopper doll! Maybe that was her point all along. My kids hate the stopper doll...the marble eyes freak them out..I like them..they have dimension to them..lifelike. I see Killer with compassion now. And I finally acknowledge Gatherer...and she is happy and looks after Killer.
    My writing room looks like my mind today...shambles too..scattered things all around..but that is good...means something is brewing. If my room is too neat...I have spent too much time cleaning and not enough time writing.
    So Bev, you want to borrow my heels? hehe


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