Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Her Name is Brook

I relaxed and just painted
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  1. She is lovely. I am just learning to paint and a big part of it seems to be letting go and letting it happen (just like in life). I love how it feels to paint ... to get lost in the process, letting your hand move freely, dipping the brush in colors that don't seem to make much sense but then look so pretty on the canvas.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog this morning, Suz. You are so fortunate to have had long-eared owls in your trees. I have a *thing* for owls.

  2. I want to control everything..I think of it like drawing...and it is so not that...but I fear I will never be watercolory....Like I said in a previous post...Flameco Dancer...
    or bull in china shop would work,too

  3. She is beautiful and mysterious!!!
    I think she's got a secret!!

  4. Thanks Jenn....see,it's never too late

  5. Robin....ha ha..her secret is the woman painting her hasn 't got a clue what she is doing

  6. Artist.

    Multi-talented artist.

    Very very nice!

  7. And when you don't have a clue and paint from the heart voila this beautiful masterpiece appears. I think you work the watercolor medium quite well. Comes to mind, the artist John Singer Sargeant! I'd have to say this is my favorite of all your creations.Course I'm partial to watercolors..... Wowzie!You are good!

  8. Oh Bevie, now I have to know who this John Sieger sargeant is!

    I turned off my censor...puff..your're gone!


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