Saturday, October 31, 2009

A treat

                                                                   Heart Ache Blue

Oh I have to put this camera down and get some work done!
Here's my treat for you too........Have fun with Halloween today!
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  1. Beautiful photo. I love the sky with fluffy clouds with the black tree in the foreground.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I'm totally lovin' these photos. The colours of the leaves are fabulous. Love love love that window shot. I'm a lover of windows and doors and gates. And that squirrel, how adorable. We don't have squirrels here.

  3. I'm with Uta!! Really loving your photos!! You have "the eye"!! Keep 'em coming!! UNLESS you are procrastinating from working on your book......Just a thought!

  4. Writing, taking photographs, what more could the creative soul want. Last night the sunset was incredible and I shot a tree like yours here against a dazzling background. Bare branches and skies so made for each other.

    Youse got the eye for nature's beauty. Your posts are always so interesting!
    Now all we need is a witch flying by on her broom!

  5. I love those branches against the sky, don't you?
    And yes, I remember when I posted a photo of a squirrel and one of a chipmunk - Uta said "what's that?!!".


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