Friday, October 9, 2009

In an old notebook

She Gave at the Post Office

Her coat made out of sofa threads
a beige and brownie tweed
She looked so fragile standing there
She looked like so much need
Her hat a folded hankie scarf
tied tightly at her chin
She turned around and spoke to me
with a humble tiny grin
"Oh go ahead in front of me
you must be rushed tonight"
Her body moving gracefully
to give her widow's mite

The only clue I  have of this poem is the word "thread" written on the top of the page, which leads me to believe it was a poetry group where we picked a word out of basket and had to write a poem from that word.
It's amazing what I'm finding hidden in my study. Maybe I'll find the missing travel paints.


  1. Nice poem, like the rhyming. You painted a wonderful picture of the woman with words.
    I remember Marianne's poetry group at the Center, the basket word we picked out. I wrote one of my best poems that day, amazing how one word can trigger a story!Perhaps it was the pressure of getting it written quickly. Who knows?
    Glad you took this out of hiding to share!

  2. more hugs for you Bevie girl

  3. I remember this too! I was there! Thanks for the memory.


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