Thursday, October 8, 2009

Found art

I FOUND THIS IN MY STUDY(the one I'm organizing)
I think I attempted this one last summer.
Not a bad job on the chair, now that I look at it with new eyesPosted by Picasa


  1. Wow, what a potporri (sp?) of creativity you are sharing on your blog! That basket of apples looks intriguing, as does the setting. What has happened to the person who may have been sitting on the chair? My interest is peaked. And yep, I'd like to be sitting in that chair right about now!And eating an apple!

    I enjoy looking at my "older art" remembering back to who I was or wasn't.

  2. This was done I think in a summer class in a woman's home in Frankfort.
    She just made me keep painting...I was terrified...I didn't know how..where.. to begin...Begin!
    It's a tiny little thing maybe 4x6


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