Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Evening

Today was another blessing.
Stayed on my eating plan, exercised a bit, painted my fool head off...I was like a little girl certain of my ability....ahh...everyone should have a moment like that....
I washed out the heated waterdish for my feral kitty, Handsome... got out his winter house complete with heated pad this year
Cleaned and filled all the birdfeeders....actually saw a Chickadee ...haven't seen one of those in a while
Spent half of my time out there chasing "kid" the squirrel and his new roomie...I saw them building that nest in the oak tree! They think I didn't notice..I did   How nice of me to provide food and shelter all winter...I'd move my new bride in, too.
I always say a beautiful sky makes my heart ache...I don't know any other way to tell you how I feel when my heart..I know it's my heart because I can feel the sweet ache right there in the middle of my it feels when I commune with the Creator looking at the skies
Well today was a beautiful sky day.
My youngest daughter had her first anniversary yesterday, my oldest daughter is due to have her first baby in 9 weeks....and my little granddaughter sent me her first letter yesterday. I'll post it...but I will have to is written in a script only I can decipher.....It says."Grandma, I like the weather here in Laguna Beach Calif. but I miss being with you and grandpa. Maybe someday Papa and Mama will move by you." Yep that's what it say..I'm sure.
Hubby is relaxing in his study watching the military channel waiting for football to come on
I'm lucky to have a love like him....39 years this December...I'll keep him
yes, today was a blessing
But,as I see it, everyday I wake up.. is


  1. Oh, yes~us grandmas can read those precious letters from our young grandkids. Don't you just love those little precious young ones!

  2. Dogwood,
    I knew you would get it...Hawaii
    That was my son's first choice,oh woe is me....
    We distant grandmas have a special ache..
    I just love that cat of yours..looks like a rascal

  3. Hi Suz! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I was out today doing a little bird watching, too, and saw chickadees as well. It must be the season! I like your blog and will definately be back.

  4. You missed the important part of the letter right down the bottom. It says I love you and miss you very much. Hope to see you soon, all my love forever and ever.

  5. A beautiful description of a perfect Sunday.

  6. I did when I saw that letter :)

  7. Beautiful day for a beautiful gramma

  8. I love you guys...let hve a group hug


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