Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The deck is cleaned off...I did bring the geranium inside....I couldn't help it. She can stay as long as she keeps flowering...then it's off to the garage. That's as far as I'll commit.

Update on my ten things.

1 Chair painted
2 curtains hung
3 desk cleared and books straightened
4 goodwill items dropped off
5 jewelry sorted and organized
6 light bulbs changed

Not finished

7  junk drawer collage
8  recover stool
9  write letter
10 polish silver lamp                        I still have time!

I have discovered that I like to meander. I start one place and poof I'm doing something else.
I didn't finish the junk drawer collage, but I got two valentine collages done for A's party in February(hope she has one). That's where my heart was flowing.
I had fabric for the stool, but that fabric was for the room when it was a different color..uh oh..but I did sew buttons on some shirts that I found in my sewing pile..looking for the fabric.
I cannot write the letter.
Why did I ever buy lamps that need polishing anyway. Looking for the polish, I found pictures in a drawer. Well, you know what pictures of your kids that live far away can do to you. I called them and then I went shopping and forgot about the lamps.


  1. You're doing great...getting stuff done!! I'm trying but I've been sick...kids have been sick. Ugh! I got a few things done though, so that's better than nothing, right?

    Great job! Couple more days!

  2. Boy I remember those days...my daughter-in-law is going through them right now. I tell her not to worry about anything but the kids. They won't remember that you didn't finish your list of ten things. But they will remember the comfort their mother gave them when they were sick.
    I just want to tell you what a beautiful smile you have.
    I'm not going to kill myself recovering that stool. I have a busy day today and tomorrow and I have to get new fabric...so I'll put it on the next ten list. I appreciate you stopping by and visiting.

  3. I really need to try that 10 things in 10 days!! Even if I only got half of it done, that would be better than usual!!
    Your old "scallywag" is a very handsome fellow by the way!!!


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