Friday, October 9, 2009

More found art or should I say buried

This was drawn from a photo, of the newborn baby cow, that appeared in the Star News Paper. The little guy was born at The Center. I believe this was my third drawing in Lois' pen and ink class.


  1. So much lovely hidden treasure!!!

  2. Feel the love and nurturing here. Great details, amazing.Love the diversity of the ink strokes, adds such interest. LOVE the creature poking his head through the fence. How long did you take Lois class? Pretty darn amazing for class No. 3! I wonder if those of us who like so many mediums get overwhelmed by our choices. For me, it seems to sustain my creative moments.

  3. Thanks Bev...Yeah I found myself saying "Did I do that?"
    I took Lois's class for 2 years on and off.
    Drawing from a photo is easier I think because the camera has captured the values for you quite well.
    Pen and ink is nice..I like pencil too and charcoal
    Art does touch a part of me that needs toucing once in a while...but mostly I like my life to be my art. I know you all get sick of hearing that..but it is true and part of my life as art is so are cute belts and red shoes and laughing and enjoying wonderful people like you Bev

    And Robin you are much buried in my study drawers and shelves
    it is nice to discover them again

  4. Artist! Artist! Artist! Artist!


  5. I remember this one. I was there! Love it!


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