Sunday, October 18, 2009

someone stop me

Uta got me all geezed up......I was drawn to the paints and brush like donuts today. What do I paint I asked myself? looking around I just painted what was before me. Mind and perspective....not so good....but I just drew and painted away. But I have this nasty habit of redoing it. I love bold color. My kitchen wall is not that fact it's a light green. But next to the pot ....nah. So being an artist....hey, I'm painting aren't I? I can call myself an artist today...well anyway I decided to tinker around with what was in front of me. Then it happened...I couldn't stop. Darker and darker until it looks .....well it's a bit overdone. But Uta, I had one heck of a fun afternoon with it. Back to writing short stories tomorrow.
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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Give me more hehehe.

  2. This painting says "happy" to me! Has a van gogh feel to it almost. I remember when I came to your house to see the owls and thinking "wow, there is so much neat stuff to paint in here". And now, you prove my point. The flowers are so cute, little impressions.

  3. Oh Sue! It's wonderful! And yes - I agree with Bev - first thing I thought of - you are a Van Gogh! Keep going and show us!

  4. You know, now that you mention it..I have always loved that guy...the only artist, besides Wyeth, that I know anything about. There is a native american artist that I love very very much....don't know much about him....but his work(which I found in a book from the thrift store) stole my heart. If I find it I'll show you.
    Elena..get in the studio now

  5. This painting is beautiful! I've been going through your entire blog, and not only do you have a gift with painting, you have a true gift with words! I feel like I have found a new friend :)

  6. Why Sara, I had the same feeling about you!


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