Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have been feeding that old skallywag for years and years. He fathered at least 12 kittens that I had to rescue and find homes for...and spay their mothers. They are, I am glad to report, off the streets. Two live with me and one lives with my daughter. The last two summers have been working ladies around for the old guy. That old Tom cat has outlived his 9 lives. Last winter I thought he was a gonner. I will not describe his injuries, but they were awful. But rotisserie chicken from Jewel, a warm house and fresh water must have been all he needed..he survived. Why you ask don't I catch him and have him neutered.  It has taken me years to even get him not to run away and I feel the trauma of a trap would do him in and besides, they would test him for feline aids and if he tested positive they would put him down. I can't do that. So I take good care of him. He comes home most days and nights....where he goes in between I don't know.  But if I find he belongs to someone ....!!!   He doesn't I know, so here we go going into another winter and he is still around. He's getting old looking. I would try to get him in but if he is aids guys could get sick. What is a animal lover to do?  Buy him a heated pad for his aging body. I plugged it in about a week ago. He avoided it. He slinked around it the best he could on twinkle toe feet. But I just left it plugged in. Today I'm getting out his usual house for the winter. Oh I wish the bugger could come in. Should I take the risk?    I love that old cat.
Well, you know it rained this morning and it was cold. When I opened the drapes...there he was snuggled on his heated pad. He gave in. Now if only I could.

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  1. Oh Sue. What a dilemma. Oh Handsome! You are a scoundrel. Do you think if he was sick, he would be showing some symptoms? And now he likes his heating pad. Oh dear.


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