Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chilly Morning Thoughts

Today, I have knocked off one item on my ten day ten things to finish list.

1- I changed the lightbulbs in the basement!

My juices are flowing....I've already got the material for my laundry room door. Just have to go to the hardware store and get a magnetic curtain rod. While I was down in the basement I dragged out the chair I want to paint.  I want to use it for my workouts..it's very ugly but very sturdy. And since I am a believer in having things around me that please ..I am going to finally paint it.

This all fits in with my theory of living the life I want....be deliberate!
But it also points out that I also need to chant my mantra everytime I fail:
Begin again..you'll see, it's easy.

It's a gloomy morning, so I just.. turned on the lights....feels homey. Maybe a day to open the windows and let the last of summer air be replaced by a crisp cool magical autumn breeze.

I feel a story brewing in me. I need to get back to writing faithfully every morning. Be deliberate. Summer was an enchantress, although a cool one. But this year with so many losses around me, and many confessing  to seeing the last horizon...I was acutely aware to be present with summer. Life is given us to live. I soaked up every moment of it.
Now it is time to let go of summer, like the trees do with their leaves..knowing buds are set for the next arousal. 
I need another rhythmn in my days.
Like nature, we have seasons...who among us does not enjoy something about each one..and if you don't...you have much work to do.
Like today, I am in the autumn.. of my life...I best be enjoying it..
How else will I be able to welcome Winter?


  1. There always seem to be poems brewing in your blog posts. Do you find that writing in general triggers them?

    Begin Again, what a nice mantra to chant. Just like each season begins again and we mimic it with our own cyclic natures.

    Thank you for your words today. I feel peace now and am glad I stopped by to soak in some of your essence.


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