Thursday, October 1, 2009


This is one of my favorite Waterhouse paintings. I love the woman's power and knowing. See, she's drawing a circle in the dirt around the fire...probably casting a spell or calling on powers that be for some intention. And look at the murder of crows outside the circle...why? I don't know the history of this painting...I'll look it up today....but the gypsyness of it all appeals do all of his paintings. Maybe this calls to me  because I intend to build a fire in my fireplace today...first of the season....Fire stirs something up in me, whether it is in burning wood, or the spirit drop of flame in a candle....lightening in the sky, the dare -to -look -at- me burning face of the sun....There is something in energy release of light that fills me with God's presence.
Ham sa


  1. Beautiful painting!! And I feel like running out to buy a fire pit!!

  2. Robin I can't tell you how much your comments mean to me. Sometimes it feels like I'm speaking into the wind...words carried off to the mountains

  3. Painting kind of reminds me of the story I just posted. The woman boiling potions in a black kettle. Hm, synchronicity.I love the glowing smoke that arises into the sky, very mystical.
    I hear your words across the miles, the wind blows them to my house despite the raindrops.That second sentence you wrote is so poetic, you have poet's heart. I feel dreamy now after stopping here. Nice.....

  4. I've never seen this - it's beautiful. Will look up others like this. I feel the same sometimes about comments...but just like you said that sometimes you read mine but don't post, I'm sure it's the same. I've been guilty of that too.

    By the way, HUGE HUGS for your comforting words in my post yesterday. Sometimes I really wish I had someone to confide in and you, Robin and Julie helped.

  5. Yes, Bev, it is synchronicity! You got me going with the witch thing....I started a story of my to write a story about a witch that is unique...very very difficult..impossible..nothing new under the sun...we just have to whip it up differently ..frost it better
    Oh I do have a poet's heart...poetry strikes me dead on in the heart and soul of the matter that is vexing me...You think you painter's have it bad...what do you do with all the poetry you write? There are no galleries or artfest's for that..maybe an open mic or two...filled with ego's that only want to hear their own musings.then leave...Oh well...that's not why we write...Let's get together sometime Bev...
    Elena, I read your postings everyday. Sometimes I do not say anything...because I have a lot to say and I'm not sure it is appropriate for me to say them to you..especially publicly. You are suffering so....I connect with that...been there's not earth shattering suffering it's more of a one else knows that we are not breathing...even when we try to tell them...
    I have big ears girl...anytime
    I feel the four of us taking each other's hands


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