Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Girl Can Only Try keep things interesting. Oh yes, the stew was much appreciated. But did it keep DH from nodding off before 8pm ..nah.  That's life. And what I have learned in my inner-shift life is that we are responsible for the romance in our lives......Oh, now don't go down that road!  What I am saying is that I have learned that when I'm craving romance....of the spirit.....I alone have the power to give it to myself.  One time it may mean flowers bought by me...and just the ones I want...or a rich glass of wine with dinner..or it could be playing the music I know rips the chains off of my ache.....Othertimes it's a trip to TJMAXX to just browse...I get in the zone there sometimes...dreaming...and people watching....or it can be my favorite thrift store hunting for that one treasure...and yes they are still out there...I'll tell you somtime about the books I discovered once that I paid $40 for and I was told are worth $10,000.00....yes..ten thousand dollars....Or it can be as simple as putting on my prettiest outfit (feeling pretty for myself) and sitting in front of my fireplace reading Agatha Raisin or watching Under the Tuscan Sun....or Shall We Dance.....yes, there are no excuses for not being is always available.....Romancing ourselves....who knows us better.......
Oh, and I believe in magic time

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  1. Oh yes! I could go on that date! Can't wait to hear about the magic!


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