Monday, October 5, 2009

My Full Moon Ritual

Rituals and ceremonies have always fascinated me. I would have been a good pagan..but I'm not. I am a person of the Christian faith. That being said...I still love ceremony and ritual.
Images are powerful..think of the stained glass windows in church...the music..the incense...all aids to worship. The full moon stirs me to worship and I borrow from the pagan ritual of purging during a full moon. Couldn't hurt to let go of vexings.
I place a bowl of water outside to remain out all night to symbolically absorb the light of the moon. Add  a drop of lavendar oil to mist mist my home.
On the night of a full moon I go outside and bring my regrets, sorrows, icky feelings ..I've written them down.. then I burn them away with a candle under God's light given to us to light the night.
God gives all light. He is the light. I give to God my regrets,sorrows,and bad feelings...things I know are holding me back. The full moon is a reminder that He has given us light for darkness. I think these negative thoughts are darkness to I  illuminate them under the fullest of light...then release them into the light......I then ask God to help me live a better life.
The Church has adapted pagan things for centuries...why can't I?
Oh, a few times I gathered with friends to howl at the full that was just plain fun.
I truly am a gypsy at heart.


If you have landed in my tree..give me a chirp,fluff your feathers...drop... me a comment

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