Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shall We Dance?

 I love Richard Gere. So feeling a little moody myself today, I popped the movie, Shall We Dance" into the player. Ah...bliss.  But really, the truth, I needed the movie to touch that part of me that is poking its head up....happiness. In the movie John is happily married..really...but he wants more...happiness. Life has grown dull and routine. He feels a sense of unhappiness....not sure about what to do with it. AH! in walks the dance school siren...he spots her looking out the second story window of the studio as he passes by everyday on the El. What he doesn't know is that she is feeling the same hole in her life.
He takes dance lessons....reluctantly...with another bunch of people with big holes in their lives (but they don't know it either) ah..movies...they make it all sound so easy to figure out. I guess that's why we watch them, and I guess that's why I own several that I save just for a day like this...when I need a touchstone.....Movies transports me to myself in a unique way.  I would have loved to be involved with the process of making films....Film another life.  Yes, or set design for plays...I love the magic of it all in the theater. Who knew? Not me. But that is okay, it is enough to discover these things about myself ever! 
Back to the movie. I watched it anticipating the scene when he, Richard Gere,aka,John, rises from the escalator in his tux and one gorgeous red rose held over his heart...He steps forward and asks his wife to dance. OMG....I just melt.
Meanwhile my guy was watching the Sox and the Bears?! in the other room. Didn't matter, I was happy.


  1. Isn't it fun to live vicariously through the movies? I have not seen that one; will have to get it! I love "You've Got Mail", etc.

  2. Oh April, he will warm your heart.
    I love You've got Mail...
    It's in my personal library of films...Sometimes that's all I need..


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