Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The wind had Voice

WOW, wasn't it awesome last night!  Bending trees, rattling exhaust vents, surfing deck furniture,and Oh! the howl......ooooo! Great to be alive.
Handsome (the feral kitty I've been feeding for 6+ years) must have felt it in his bones last night along with his buddy, Slinky possum...they were both on the deck around 8pm looking for a snack. Of course, my camera was filled. It would have been a cute shot of them together begging. I do not discriminate. I fed Handsome and threw Slinky a banana..which he hurridly grabbed and ran away with. They were both fed just before the wind started its grand performance.
Reminds me of the time my friend M and I went to Door County, Wisconsin to The Clearing...a folkschool for the arts. I don't remember why, but we drove there at night...arriving at Midnight. The wind there that night was Creation like. The Clearing sits high on  sandstone bluffs overlooking the Bay. We were alone in our cabin laying awake, going along for the wind's ride. It howled..not the right was freight train like sound...massive and wonderful. All around us were Aspen trees...need I say more...what an accompaniment. I think it was a once in a lifetime experience and we were awake for it...awake in our beings to take it all in....the majesty of nature. The next morning when everyone else was arriving, the Director said at breakfast, "Too bad you missed the once in a century winds last night."
M and I laughed out loud...."We didn't. We rode it all night"
Yes, that was an experience that goes down as a lifetime one. We don't get to have many of them. Glad we were awake.
Today, I intend on checking off two things on my ten-things list.
2) Dropping off the thrift store items in my car trunk
3)  Writing that letter to my friend (I am surprised how much resistance Im having to this one)

Energy is high...I have the cool weather high going on in my body. It's also my workout day...lower body.

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