Friday, October 2, 2009

I am Soul Ham Sa

I am no expert on Ham Sa. I learned about this through a very balanced friend. It is breath.
All of Ham Sa is God...He who breathed.  Every breath we take connects us to God. He gave us our first breath and we return it to Him with our last breath. We also are one with God in breath. Some say a mantra... I Am That I AM..Ham Sa.....  Hmm? Didn't the scriptures tell us that?  God's name is I AM.
Breath.  The Ham Sa prayer is in the Jewish tradition of Ham Sa. I found it written in my discovery journal the other morning (love those discovery journals) and when I went around my house lighting the fireplace and the candles ...I stopped to see the light (Jesus is the light) I was filled with Ham SA ..the breath of God as I meditated on the flames.  
Ham is I AM and Sa is Soul.....
"And He breathed into Man the breath of life and Man became a living Soul."
So everytime we breathe we are connecting to God.
If we only remembered this.


  1. Just beautiful. I really need to sit and just talk to you one day. You have much wisdom...

  2. nO i DON'T...BUT YES YOU DO

  3. I just love this Suz. I had not heard of HamSA before, but intend to learn more about it. Thank you.


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