Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a good evening for stew

When hubby hits the door tonight...the fragrance of stew will greet him. Sometimes it just feels good being a good cook. There was a period of time some decades ago, that women shrieked in horror that another woman confessed to liking cooking for her husband. Bah on them then, and bah on them now. I like to clean my own house too. Another shriek I heard recently from a lady at the salon.."What! You clean your own house...I thought you'd have a cleaning lady, heck, everyone has a cleaning lady." No they don't. And no I don't. And if I didn't care about my knees getting all banged up....I'd be down on them scrubbing the floors....the only real way to get your floors clean.  I have made some compromises since I discovered that I'm a getting the nails dirty (wear gloves) and no wiping the floors on my knees (vacumn and mop good enough).
So yes, the cute guy in a suit walking through the door gets stew tonight.
I'm the lucky one

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